Terms & Conditions

Golden Eagle Coaches terms and Conditions

Here are some of the boring bits which we recommend you keep a copy of. Don’t forget you’re agreeing to the below when you travel with us so if you need any of the terms and conditions explained just get in touch.

Service Provision by golden eagle coaches

golden eagle coaches or our affiliate supplier will provide a coach/specialist vehicle which will meet the safety and seating specification agreed at the time of booking. The vehicle provided will be legally satisfactory to carry out the agreed work.

The route taken on your journey will be at the sole discretion of the driver or affiliate supplier. This route will be dependent on the road, traffic or weather conditions at the time. No discount will be given if the route taken is not the shortest available. A specific route can be requested at the time of booking Any refunds will be decided on an individual basis, depending on the cause Stops at suitable locations are permitted to serve comfort requirements of passengers and to satisfy the legal boundaries regarding breaks and rest periods for the drivers.

We will always do everything to ensure your vehicle arrives on time but do suggest that sufficient planning regarding your collection times is considered. golden eagle coaches cannot accept any responsibility for delays caused by events that are out of our control. If the circumstances of your travel mean that journey times are vital, then we strongly suggest that you insure yourself or party against this.

Delays to Service

These Terms and Conditions state that no liability or responsibility can be accepted by golden eagle coaches for the following:

Traffic Congestion
Road Accidents
Adverse Weather Conditions

Any Other happenings deemed out of golden eagle coaches reasonable control which may result in a delay

Any refunds will be decided on an individual basis, depending on the cause.

In the event of golden eagle coaches not being able to provide a replacement vehicle the customer will be within their rights to claim a refund for that leg of the journey or day of travel.

Due to operational requirements golden eagle coaches have the right to supply a larger coach than required. This will incur no extra charge on behalf of the customer. golden eagle coaches will always, where possible, inform the client of a vehicle size change.


golden eagle coaches and our affiliate partners will endeavour to take reasonable care of all passenger’s luggage and items which they wish to take on the coach. Regardless of this golden eagle coaches will not accept responsibility for any damage or Loss while these items are on the vehicle. It is imperative that under no circumstances should personal possessions/valuables be left on the vehicle (even when locked).

Personal possessions which are stolen are not insured on any of our vehicles. golden eagle coaches recommend that customers personally insure their valuables in the likelihood of events such as this happening. Any property recovered will be safely stored and may be claimed in accordance with out lost property policy (please contact a member of staff for details).

Drivers Hours

The hours in which drivers are permitted to operate is regulated by Law. golden eagle coaches fully comply with these regulations and will tailor all journey itineraries to ensure drivers hours are within legal limits. Passengers must adhere strictly to collection times agreed in the booking confirmation and not cause any delay or stoppages before or during the journey. If such delays are caused golden eagle coaches has the right to alter or in some cases curtail passenger travel to stay within the boundaries of the Law.

golden eagle coaches cannot accept any liability for losses caused by the aforementioned delays unless these losses are a direct result of negligence on the part of golden eagle coaches.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers travelling on one of our Vehicles or an affiliate party vehicle must act in a decent and proper manner for the entirety of their travel. The driver can refuse or eject any passengers he/she deems is unfit for travel (for example intoxicated or being abusive).

Damage to Vehicle

golden eagle coaches have a zero tolerance towards damage and/or excessive untidiness being caused to our coaches. The customer shall be held responsible for any damage or soiling caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. If a vehicle requires any form of specialist repair or cleaning beyond the normal procedures undertaken after travel, then golden eagle coaches is entitled and within our rights to recharge the customer the cost (Trip Leader at time of booking). Specialist cleaning includes removing of vomit and disinfection of related areas. Customers are solely responsible for their actions within the travelling Party and must act in a manner befitting to the golden eagle coaches Behavioural policy.

Payment, Cancellation and Additional Charges

VAT Charges

All quotes that you obtain from goldeneagle coaches will be exclusive of VAT. Currently the VAT on UK Coach travel stands at a 0% rate.

Payment terms

Subject to any special terms, the client must pay for the provision of coach service before the journey is undertaken.

Payment by Credit/Debit Card

All trips with golden eagle coaches regardless of the payment method must be fully paid for with cleared funds 7 working days before date of departure. golden eagle coaches withhold the right to cancel any trip for non-payment under our cancellations terms (see below).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations should be made as early as possible. A minimum charge to cover wages and fuel will be made in the event of a vehicle being sent out but not required.

Additional Charges

Certain journeys will incur additional charges e.g. Parking, ferry crossings or event tickets. Golden eagle coaches will act on your behalf and add any necessary additional costs to the travel balance if agreed at time of booking. Customers have the right to arrange this part of the journey themselves if they so wish, but must send all booking information to golden eagle coaches at least 14 days prior to travel.

golden eagle coaches upholds the right to charge for Driver accommodation in circumstances when the journey period exceeds 24 hours. It’s at the sole discretion of golden eagle coaches to decide on a case by case basis whether additional costs are applied to a journey for accommodation. Golden eagle coaches will not be held liable for any reimbursement requests for drivers who do not use arranged accommodation.

Longer trips based on hours/mileage may incur additional costs for the use of a second driver. The booking quote customers receive excludes the cost of an additional driver or driver accommodation (unless agreed beforehand in writing). Our Logistics team will work with customers to ensure the itinerary alleviates as many additional costs as possible. If such costs prove unavoidable then goldeneagle coaches will notify customers no less than 7 days before departure date. If these additional costs result in cancellation, then the customer will not be required to pay any resulting costs.

Booking Confirmations and Amendments

The customer is responsible for checking that the booking confirmation sent to them is correct. This same document is used by our drivers, so it is vitally important that any errors are flagged up at the earliest occasion possible.

Golden Eagle Coaches will do our best to accommodate any amendments the client wishes to make to a booking, and will confirm these by email.
Clients are responsible for ensuring Golden Eagle Coaches has all the correct travel information, and we uphold the right to charge accordingly if deemed necessary.

Amendments can be made to bookings subject to time and vehicle capacity constraints. Amendments must be requested in writing to our logistics team who must authorize the requested changes. If a customer does not receive an updated booking confirmation showing the agreed amendments, then they must assume these haven’t been made.

It would be preferable if any itinerary changes could be emailed to Golden Eagle Coaches. Customers are responsible for making sure golden eagle coaches have all the correct travel information. golden eagle coaches upholds the right to charge accordingly for changes if deemed necessary.


Any Customer wishing to complain about a booking or a trip can do so by sending written correspondence via post (address available on request) or email to Info@goldeneaglecoaches.com. golden eagle coaches will do everything to assist with complaints; our office is open between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Customers must ensure the following information is included with a letter of complaint:

Full reason for complaint
Name and contact details

Failure to supply any of the above details can result in golden eagle coaches dismissing a complaint. In the event of this happening golden eagle coaches will not accept any negligent responsibility.


When placing a Booking with golden eagle coaches it’s important that customers are confirming they have read and understand the Terms and Conditions stated in this document.

Consumer Rights are in no way affected by these Terms and Conditions.

All our vehicles have a strict no smoking policy. Customers must make all passengers fully aware of this on-board policy.